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Thursday, 23 January 2014 16:32

A Dream without a plan is a just a Dream

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Every New Year is greeted with a lot of excitement, optimism, a lot of expectation, and quite a number of resolutions. While all this enthusiasm is important, the lack of a dream and proper planning will turn this year into just another year.

If 2014 was and is the year you decided you were going to invest in property, your biggest motivation should be the DREAM. If you ever dreamt of acquiring or investing in property, then you have already made the first step.

However, dreams without concrete plans remain just that, dreams. Dreams don't just stumble into reality, they don't bump into reality the way you would with a friend. It takes an active, deliberate, intentional, and conscious thought process to achieve your dream in property investment no matter the magnitude of investment. You need to make a clear path as to what you are after and write it down. Elaborate on it in great detail and with clarity.

Planning to invest in property can be equated to planning to start a business. The common denominator between the two is that both of them require planning, not just planning, but proper planning.

Planning helps you to;
• Assess where you are now
• Show where you want to be in future
• Determine how you will get there

Your plan to own property should have;
• Specific goals
• Specific strategies
• Specific deadlines

Achieving a dream in property investment demands that we;

1. Clarify that dream
This means being very clear on what you want and writing it down. Do not be ambiguous and avoid being general

2. Spend time researching your dream

Become an expert on what it will take to achieve your dream.

3. Layout a strategic plan

The idea of having a strategic and realistic plan is to progress towards the dream each and every day, week, month or year

4. Make a realistic timeline

The property market has a mind of its own, and operates on its own clock, find out how much time it takes to do certain things and lay your plans within that time frame. Keep in mind that the greatest property investments had a long term plan

5. You need people

It takes experts to realize dreams. No man is an island; you cannot make it by yourself. Always be prepared to work with a number of experts to bring your dream to life and colour. Below are some of these key people

Qualified and registered real estate agents
When you need to buy, sell, rent or have your property managed a qualified and reliable real estate agent with knowledge and contacts in the property market will ease your experience. Estate agents are privileged in interacting with all the parties that make up the property market

A real estate lawyer
You need to invest in a good, honest lawyer, with integrity as a brand to help you navigate your way around the maze that is property investment

Reputable Land Surveyor
You will require a reputable land survey when investing in land to help establish boundaries

Project Manager
When selling your property, you will need a project manager to create the project plan and see it through to the end, to make improvements to the concept, to do market research, and to do a feasible analysis of the property market

At times used as the lead consultants and very helpful in putting the design down on paper and bringing it to reality.

Quantity Surveyor
Enables the prospective home owner to calculate the cost of constructing a building for planning and budget purposes

Mechanical and Electrical
You don't just want to build a house, you want a building that will stand literally, and also stand out as a living legacy and to stand the test of time

So, in 2014, layout the plans to accomplish your dream, experience it in your mind, and enjoy the process of nurturing it into a reality.

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